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Welcome to
Welcome to, a free resource for landlords. If you're tired of deadbeat tenants, tenants who tear up your properties, or bad tenants in general, this is the forum for landlords and property managers to make contact with one another, hopefully ending the merry-go-round where bad tenants jump from property to property, victimizing owners at every stop.

This resource only works if you post the information and experiences you have with your tenants, as well as search here for information others may have posted. If Jessamine County Landlords work together, it will leave deadbeats with the choice of better behavior, or victimizing owners in some other town. LLC is not intended to be a Credit Reporting Agency, but rather a public service and forum. However, it is still your obligation to make sure your information posted is complete and accurate. 

Bad tenants tend to be smart and learn all the tricks for fooling landlords into renting to them. They do a good job of appearing to be nice, normal people, but the deceptions are far more than just the surface. If you've been in the rental business for any length of time, you've seen or likely been a victim of these scams:

 1) Giving a fake phone number for the "previous landlord" when it turns out to be a friend or family member who has been told to pretend to be your old mlandlord and give a glowing report.

2) Saying they have been living with family, when in fact they are actually being evicted from their current rental.

3) "Fronting": having a partner with a clean record apply, pretending they were going to live alone, when all along they were going to have someone you mwould never want to rent to living with them. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Simply ordering a criminal background check won't turn most of these scams up, and scammers are nearly always repeat scammers. Often the only defense against these types is for property owners and managers to share information. When you are victimized, posting the information here makes it harder for the cheats to keep getting away with it. Nearly all tenants who skip out do so toward the end of a month they haven't paid rent for; using you can alert other landlords as to who hasn't paid you your rent this month, cutting the skip-outs off.

Would you really want to rent to someone who was skipping out on their current landlord, and had lied to you about it on the application?

By far, the greatest avoidable expense to landlords is that of bad tenants.

By participating in this free site, you are helping your fellow landlords, helping yourself, and helping your community. 

So why wait; join now and start benefiting.