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Fill Out and File a KY Eviction Form
Details: So, youíve finally reached the end of your rope with a tenant, and are ready to file to have them evicted. Itís no fun, but it doesnít have to be a big burden. For details on what happens before you more
Eviction Procedure in Kentucky
Details: In Kentucky when a tenant hasn't left the property after you've given them notice to leave for breaching the lease (typically for non-payment), the legal term for that is forcible detainer, and to more
A Cloud of Bad Tenants in Your Town
Details: Just in case you haven't realized it yet, in every town there is a "cloud" of deadbeat tenants floating about, waiting to find an unwary landlord to take advantage of. They're more like a dust cloud more
The One Utility You Want to Pay
Details: If your properties are in communities where the government provides garbage pickup (and therefore you pay for it through your property taxes), or you're only dealing with complexes where you already more
Dealing With the No Show
Details: One of the most amazing aspects of human/tenant behavior that I had to learn the hard way is that roughly 50% (and sometimes more) of people who go to the trouble of calling you about a rental and more